low cash cup

June 15 2013


Welcome to the cheapest NAF-sanctioned Blood Bowl tournament in Sweden!

It will take place on June 15 at Alphaspel, Kristallvägen 84A in Stockholm. Alphaspel has the best range of Fantasy Football miniatures in Sweden and has been kind enough to sponsor the tournament!

It will be a one day tournament with 4 rounds with room for 24 coaches. We will use the Swiss system and round 1 will be seeded by NAF ranking with your chosen team.

Registration opens at 08:30 and round 1 starts at 09:00. Each game is allocated 2 hours 10 minutes with a 10 minute break between games. A longer lunch break will be taken after round 2.

It is free to enter the tournament! However, if you want a chair that is 10 sek extra, and if you want to play on a table that is 10 sek extra as well. Payment on site. Note that we will not allow you to bring your own chair or table.

low cash cup will be a NAF-sanctioned event and NAF membership is needed. If you are not a member we will have representatives on location to sign you up for 70 sek.

Mail your name, mobile phone number and NAF number to cup@stockbowl.se to register for the tournament. You can also mail us if you need help with accomodation, need to borrow a painted team or have any questions.

Mail us or contact us on the StockBowl forum.